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 Cal Withers & Jim Corner 1969
 Dursley Rally

 Stan Booth in His own Ford Corsair,
with J C Withers advert ,1969 Scottish International. 


 First car built entirely by Withers of
Winsford from "own" parts,new & used,here on 1969 R.A.C. driven by Stan Booth & Jim Corner


Ian Harwood 1971 Scottish International


Cal Withers & John Adams 1970 Welsh Marches.  Cal Withers,Manx Rally
 Ian Harwood 1971Scottish Internaional  George Hill & Keith Wood in their 1971 Motoring News Championship winning car see RESULTS page for full details.This car is now the latest model available from Rally Models.
 Robin Hillyar,former East African Safari Winner,with Barry Hughes in 1971 T.A.P rally Portugal  
   Roy Fidler & Barry Hughes,1971 Welsh International.
 George Hill & Keith Wood with their 1972 Escort Mexico Championship car.The Mexico was Homologated into Group 1 for International events from 01/05/72.George and Keith won their class on the Welsh International & so picked up the first EVER International award for the Mexico World Wide!Model coming soon.

 Look out for more photos of the "flying Super Loo"you will see where the name came from later!This was the car built and run by Withers of Winsford during 1971and when available was driven by Roy Fidler,"King Cod", wth Bary Hughes as Co- Driver.                                 Rally Models have a model of this car on the way.



Withers of Winsford entry in 1970 London to Mexico World Cup Rally,seen passing through Yugoslavia,crewed by Frank Pierson,Ian Harwood & Barry Hughes.This was the ex Rosemary Smith car from the 1968 London to Sydney Marathon.  
 Sir Garfield Sobers tying labels on to new Mk1 Mexico shell,being shipped to Jamaica by Withers of Winsford,shortly after being Knighted & appearing on This Is Your Life"  Former World F1 Champion Graham Hill at the Withers stand Leeds Motor Show

Is this Barrie Williams telling Don Barrow how he wrote off OVX431P in the Algarve Rally ?Look out for Picture proof later!

 Don Williamson told Cal Withers that not only was He a TOP trials driver but also an excellent Motor Sport Photographer!

Passenger E-mail your name please!

 We hope to put up a full page soon covering our running of one of the only 2 Sanas manufactured.This should include technical info and results.(We still have copies of Autosport centre page pull out featuring both Sanas in colour)  Ian Harwood "At Speed" in His own Self prepared car.
 Chris Sclater showing off His Racing "skills"!

 Frank Pierson one of the Top Drivers of the "Era,with regular and "top" navigator.Colin Francis..

Frank,best known for preparing His own & customers cars,also drove Withers of Winsford cars From time to time in fact the first time He drove an Escort he won the 1969 Icebreaker!

Check out results and look out for more later.

 David Winstanley.  This Hot Rod was built by Richard Lee out of one of the Ford Shellsport Racing Mexicos which was written off.More on this and some of the other Shellsport cars in due course.
 Chris Sclater showing off His Rallycross sklils  Alan Smith,British driver working and Driving for KWS of Koblenz
"Fidler in the Air!"  Hill again,look out for this Reg" number on several different cars.
You always see a lot of "winning" cars!   Bob Jeffs,R.AC.Rally.More on the Avenger in due course
 Withers of Winsford Ford Escort Rally Cars  
 Roger Clark& Jim Porter en route to wining 1971 Hackle rally in their Withers of Winsford entered car.

 Roy Fidler & Barry Hughes on way to 3rd o/a on 1971 Scottish International backing up Chris Sclater & John Davenport who won the event in another Withers entry.

More on this event later.Model due out shortly from Rally Models.



John Calvert Withers !!



 Rosemary Smith & Pauline Gullick




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